Post-Operative Compression 

Any major operation carries the risk of DVT and surgeons say you're at greater risk up to six weeks following major surgery, especially on the abdomen, pelvis or lower limb. If your surgery is followed by a long period of immobility, compression may be required until you return to full activity.

A medical-grade compression sock with gctech will help reduce that risk, plus help with any swelling in the lower limb. Compression socks are a vital part of the recovery process after any major surgery.

Why VR Compression Socks after Surgery?

One of the problems with hospital compression socks is that while they are effective, they are often uncomfortable to wear. The VR compression sock range have been designed specifically to eliminate this problem by textile engineers and surgeons, yet importantly conform to European standard of Class 1 compression.

These factors make this range far more comfortable than usual hospital stockings. Thus they can be worn for extended periods post operatively, reducing the risk of DVT and helping with lower limb swelling.

When to Wear VR Compression?

Your surgeon or nurse should advise you on how to wear this product. It is usually necessary to wear compression socks directly after your surgery and for 6 weeks after your discharge. They can be worn for 24 hours a day as a replacement for normal socks, ideally a few pairs of socks should be used in rotation to allow regular washing of the product.

Size Guide

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  • 38 Review(s)

    VR Clara 140 Knee Highs are the very best combination of Italian hosiery and UK Class 1 compression. They look and feel like the finest hosiery should and the technology they contain combats heavy/tired legs and swollen/puffy ankles.For greater accuracy, enter your measurements under the 'My Measurements' size option to have one of our advisors size you.

  • 22 Review(s)

    A superb sock for exercise, with a unique combination of high quality UK Class I medical grade compression, the best available fabrics, modern design and anatomical finishing. Achilles and arch support, with temperature regulating panels in the calf.For greater accuracy, enter your measurements under the 'My Measurements' size option to have one of our...

  • 1 Review(s)

    Our VR Florence 100 Tights are a revolutionary smooth, sheer option with attractive detailing for compression wearers. They result in an invisible and elegant look that gives relief to tired legs and improves the bloodflow with light UK Class 1 Compression.

  • Gotham combines all of the most popular shades of navy, dark grey and black into a classic striped sock. The Class 2 graduated compression supports your legs through the toughest, longest days on your feet. Travel/Daywear sock that is stylish and comfortable.For greater accuracy, enter your measurements under the 'My Measurements' size option to have one...

  • 1 Review(s)

    A great sock for exercise through to recovery, with a top combination of high quality Class 2 medical grade compression, the best available fabrics and modern design. DriRelease fabric through foot and calf make these as comfortable as slippers - even after a marathon. For greater accuracy, enter your measurements under the 'My Measurements' size option...

Showing 13 - 17 of 17 items