The Science

It's a well known fact that compression originated from a hospital setting, and is commonly used to reduce the amount of clinical patients suffering from blood clots while in hospital. Questions were later raised and tested of it's ability to help the fit and healthy population outside of a hospital setting.

Not many people are aware of the strict guidelines medical grade compression goes through to ensure the wearer receives the correct amount of compression to increase venous return and really improve blood circulation in their legs. This is partly due to compression not

needing to follow such guidelines in the retail world. Compression can simply be a tight, figure hugging garment that can utilise findings of studies using proper medical grade compression. We didn't see the logic in this and thus created VR compression with gctech-nology.

gctech is the process that ensures the best quality of compression is achieved. It defines a series of steps from manufacturing, compression profiling, sizing, and packaging. The exact processes are set out below for medical grade gctech. Plus products with gctech have been extensively tested and worn before sale – ensuring proven user comfort and durability.

Manufacturing expertise is essential for the creation of quality medical-grade graduated compression. VR Compression go the extra mile with experienced European manufacturers that comply with medical and textile standards but also push the boundaries to add comfort, luxury, improve fit, brighten colours and improve the compression experience. We’re committed to using the highest quality yarns from trusted suppliers and all of our machines are medically standardised to ensure the resulting products are correctly designed medical-grade, graduated compression. For each batch, sample pairs are officially tested for compression level and sizing accuracy. Each new product we design also goes through intensive user testing during R&D to ensure function, fit and comfort are at their highest standard.

Each individual sock is hand inspected for defects and put through further quality tests before being shaped, steamed, paired, and packaged for the end user. We control the air quality in our factories and warehouses for the health of the staff and also for the benefit of the consumer. When a customer enters their measurements, they are custom sized and will receive a product that was chosen just for them. There’s no need to worry about washing our socks before you wear them…we know exactly where they’ve been.