Daywear – for the ultimate comfort and style combination.

A wide variety of the population benefit from daily wear of compression. Those who find their legs and ankles feel tired, achy and swollen at the end of the day. Younger generations who are recognising the health implications of a sedentary workplace (desk, standing, travel) are using compression socks to feel better and to stave off varicose veins and other complications. Athletes who are sore after training or competition are using them for daily recovery and recuperation.

In short, customers who come for a pair of flight socks for one journey, often get a lot more wear out of them than expected! 

We aim to offer colours, fabrics, patterns and styles that integrate seamlessly into any wardrobe. Just because a customer benefits from wearing compression socks, doesn’t mean that they have to change the way they dress. Customers can enjoy fine hosiery options, bright and bold knee highs or luxurious fabrics – all the while doing something to benefit their long term health and daily comfort.