Maternity – help your body and support your growing bump.

At VR compression we realised that good quality lower limb compression could be of benefit to almost every single pregnant mother, if only products were more comfortable, stylish and easier to wear. As the risk of DVT in pregnancy is so high we felt it was a priority to create a range that women would want to wear everyday. 

Maternity tights have been around for many years, but traditionally they have been quite unfashionable, uncomfortable and unflattering, so women have 

tended not to wear them unless they have very pronounced symptoms of lower limb swelling. 

Working with our manufacturers we created the VR maternity range which without compromising on any medical standard were made to look and feel like high quality fashion garments. These allowed women to wear them throughout their pregnancy no matter what the demands of their day, reducing the effects of swelling and reducing the risk of DVT.