VR Performa

A superb sock for exercise, with a unique combination of high quality UK Class I medical grade compression, the best available fabrics, modern design and anatomical finishing. Achilles and arch support, with temperature regulating panels in the calf.

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Compression Level

Class I Compression (16-18mmHg)

Fabric Composition

95% Polyamide
5% Elastane

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The sports sock designed with activity in mind, our airy VR Performa supports your leg from toe to below knee with extra finishing touches making them a fantastic sports support sock. Anti-bacterials and wicking agents are also found within the design keeping legs cool and dry. One of our most comfortable active sports designs containing validate graduated compression has contributed to many marathon finishes in addition to looking after hundreds of athletes across the world of sports including; Football, Rugby, Athletics, Running, Golf and Sailing. Suits and fits well for both men and women.


A superb sock for exercise, with a unique combination of high quality medical grade compression, best available fabrics, modern design and anatomically finished achilles and arch support. Also contains pressure regulating panels on the calf.



Lovely socks

Fabulous socks which fitted perfectly.



    Ordered these after calf strain. Eased pain, aided recovery and allowed me to work going up and down steps for week painting. Very supportive, will be buying more to hopefully prevent further strains.


      A top sports sock

      This sock is a much better quality than the original VR sock for sport made from the thinner material, giving a more durable product that should last a while. It's made a difference during hockey games, worn as an inner sock to allow for the shin pad in between the team sock. I have experienced less fatigue during and after games and even wear them as a stand alone sock when goal keeping to get their benefit.


        VR- Performa

        Found them very helpful in reducing crams in my calf which had been tormenting me for a very long time. Would strongly recommend



          My first time using compression socks and I couldn't be more impressed. They were comfortable to wear, and felt great while I was exercising. Haven't used them enough to comment on recovery, but so far wonderful to wear!!!


            Excellent compression socks

            Everything from the advice I was given over the phone to the time it took to receive my order to the comfort and quality of my compression socks has been excellent. I'm training for a marathon and have found that I've had no calf fatigue since wearing them. They're really comfortable too. I'm a sports masseuse working closely with athletes. I won't hesitate to recommend your products



              Brought these after suffering from tight calves and Achilles tenderness - I do a lot of high intensity training and running, and have found these really help. Will definitely continue to use.


                Why I love Compression Advisory Socks

                I am a keen marathon and ultra marathon runner, as well as a professional ballet teacher. I often spend 8 or more hours per day on my feet teaching dance. When I get home my ankles are puffy and swollen and then I have to go and train in the evenings on fatigued and swollen legs. I also suffer with Achilles



                  Loved the b5 size , supportive and good length of sock wish you did b5 as standard order option across the range or listed as an option for simple ordering even if additional cost option?


                    Good Compression Socks

                    I have tried all the top brands compression socks and decided to try out these. I have worn them 4 times and in my view provide very effective levels of compression. They feel different to the rest and are also light and comfortable - just what you need for marathon races. My only concern is there sturdiness and longevity and it would be interesting to undertake a review of them in 12 months. However, overall these socks are up there with all the top brands and well worth a purchase. Excellent customer service and advice given throughout.


                      Did the job beautfully

                      Wore these socks on a 44 mile hike, they stopped any leg swelling that I have previously experienced without them, and cut down on the fatigue in my lower leg muscles. I will be recommending these.


                        Comfort and support

                        B5 size introduction is perfect for me , I am fit but big legs and a varicose vein .... They are so good for sports support and very comfortable , materials used feel Quality compared to any other socks I have tried


                          Pro. Tennis Coach

                          I was unlucky enough to have a DVT after a back operation and suffer swollen calf muscles and ankles when I am coaching or playing for more than and hour or so. The VR-Performa really helps prevent this and I am able to teach and play in comfort.They also look pretty cool as well.


                            Compression socks

                            This is the second time back ...... purchased full compression socks this time .Have now used on long runs and very pleased with them great delivery again and easy internet service .... I will be back for more


                              They work

                              Helpful Clear and prompt answers from Emma C at customer services to my queries regarding the makeup/content of the fibres. Order packed and delivered very quickly. I have now worn 2 of the pairs of socks and found them to be very effective - the VR Fairway was very comfortable for everyday use and the VR Performa certainly helped in reducing cramp and cutting down the fatigue and discomfort from Varicose veins in the lower legs when on the golf course.


                                VR Performa

                                I'm 6'4'' & over 20 Stone and over 55 years old, after 18 holes of golf up and down fairways I used to feel a bit worn out to say the least and stagger into the 19th hole to rest my aching body. Now quite simply I could play another round the same day.


                                  Very satisfied customer

                                  Very helpful advice from customer service, ordered pm one day and received within 24 hours. Very comfortable and supportive to wear and reduces discomfort in my ankle which is still recovering from an operation. Definitely recommend and will be ordering again.


                                    VR socks

                                    Brilliant. Speedy delivery. Perfect git. So comfortable and effective. My second pair. So glad I found Compression Advisory.


                                      Excellent Purchase

                                      Ordered VR Performa compression socks after a period of calf cramp. Worn a few times and have been very pleased with the purchase. Socks fit well, feel comfortable and feel very supportive when running. Intial impression is that recovery time and aching has been reduced and no cramp been experienced so far! Another purchase likely in the near future.


                                        VR Performa socks

                                        Have only worn these a couple of times, initial impression is that they are very comfortable, they feel as if they are supportive to the calf and Achilles tendons and they give confidence a boost as they feel they work well.


                                          Help with EIV

                                          I bought these socks as an upgrade on the usual VR Original Super Fit socks. I wear them when trekking as unfortunately I suffer with EIV (Exercise Induced Vasculitis) which comes on when walking in the heat over a number of miles. The original socks have worked well with a pair of soft top socks over the top but I was keen to try these as they would not need an extra pair of socks. Wore them for the first time and seemed to worked well. Definitely comfortable but not sure they are quite as effective as the original socks. Will be trying them out again shortly as they looked much better when hiking with shorts than with the usual long red superfit socks! Would recommend to anyone who suffers with this condition - red blotchy legs are not comfortable and the compression socks really help. Enable me to keep on with the long distance walking.


                                            Such a massive help - thanks

                                            I bought these socks because I had developed severe and painful shin splints. Despite resting it was hard to walk. these socks have really helped to enable me to do normal everyday things again like walk to the shops. I've not even thought about starting training again until the pain has gone but for now I can do other things like cycling. I am so grateful for that, thanks.

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                                              VR Performa

                                              VR Performa

                                              A superb sock for exercise, with a unique combination of high quality UK Class I medical grade compression, the best available fabrics, modern design and anatomical finishing. Achilles and arch support, with temperature regulating panels in the calf.

                                              For greater accuracy, enter your measurements under the 'My Measurements' size option to have one of our advisors size you.